Andrea Daur, RN

Pediatric Clinic

“Like most of us who go on vacation, Andrea tried not to think of work. That changed when she heard the pilot’s request that ‘any medical personnel please come to the front of the plane.’ Andrea did not hesitate for a minute. She left her husband and family sleeping in their seats and stepped forward. She found an unconscious elderly lady in first class with her daughter beside her crying and desperately trying to revive her. Andrea went into ‘auto pilot’ and began CPR together with a flight attendant. Andrea quickly inserted an intravenous line and after administering two shocks from a defibrillator, the woman was conscious and speaking.

Accepting praise from the flight crew, she proudly mentioned her long career at Greenwich Hospital. When Andrea relayed this story to the clinic staff, she had nothing but praise for the flight crew, but also expressed gratitude for years of training here at the hospital. We were impressed, but not surprised, that she transferred her pediatric skills to the care of this elderly woman. For her heroics, Andrea was allowed to spend the rest of her flight in first class; but for all of us, she will forever remain a first-class pediatric nurse. Congratulations, Andrea!”