Caitriona Perna, RN


While attending a meeting at her daughter’s school, Caitriona jumped up to assist a woman who had suddenly slumped over her table. The woman started to convulse and lose her pulse. With the help of two others, Caitriona eased the woman to the floor and started CPR until the defibrillator/AED was brought in. Caitriona placed the defibrillator pads on the woman and followed the protocol for defibrillation.

“Little did Caitriona know, but the woman was the mother of a child in her daughter’s class. If it hadn’t been for Caitriona’s quick thinking and skills, together with the realization of the importance of timely intervention with an AED, the woman may not have recovered. The woman, who had no cardiac history, had suffered a sudden ventricular arrhythmia and was rushed to surgery for a pacemaker. She is fine today and called to personally thank Caitriona. The training we receive at Greenwich Hospital allows us to help those in our care here and also in the community. Congratulations, Caitriona, on an extraordinary, lifesaving effort.”