Dr. Franklin Loria


Rx to engage a reluctant patient? Pizza with just the right toppings.

Dr. Loria 

“Today was just one example of how my colleague, Dr. Loria, made a difference in a patient’s life. This elderly patient was not cognitively sound and was reluctant to eat or get out of bed. When Dr. Loria engaged him in conversation, the gentleman recalled that he liked pizza. With a bit more coaxing, he remembered that he preferred pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. The deal was struck!"

“Dr. Loria told the patient that he would order a pizza for him if he would promise to get out of bed and eat. He then personally placed the order – with all the right toppings – and waited in the lobby for the delivery. While the patient ate, Dr. Loria sat and chatted with him. He then spoke with the family, helping them to understand his condition and encouraging them to remember the good times with their loved one."

“Whether taking a patient to the hospital garden to see the flowers, finding the perfect socks for an elderly lady, or ordering a pizza, Dr. Loria demonstrates a very special kind of compassion.”