Joanne Bellantoni
Jessica Page
Mikhail Rappaport, MRI

Patient and Guest Relations

This team exceeded all expectations as they helped a patient complete an MRI.

Joanne Bellantoni 

“I never had any trouble with taking an MRI, but this time I had barely started when the noise became too much. The technologist suggested I speak with my doctor and reschedule the exam. Disappointed, I got dressed and went back to the reception desk where Jessica greeted me. Her warmth, kindness and willingness to stay with me were exceptional. She insisted that I get something to eat and even escorted me to the cafeteria."

“While Jessica sat with me, she called Joanne who was equally concerned and considerate. Joanne felt that if I could talk with Mikhail, perhaps I could tolerate the test. His kind words were so reassuring. I retook the MRI with Mikhail at the helm. He provided earplugs, confidence and an atmosphere in which I could successfully complete the test. Everyone should know how wonderful this team is and to what lengths they went to help me.”