John C


A patient sends Greenwich Hospital thanks for making his life "a little brighter."


“While I was here on an inpatient basis, the nurses made me feel welcome and that I truly mattered…. It is rare in today’s state of healthcare that people go beyond in what they are expected to already do. A hug, a handshake, a calling of your name when you walk in are things that are wanted by patients, but unheard of. ALL of your staff does these things, they do them repeatedly, and they do them WELL."

“This hospital is a shining example of what a hospital can be and should be. My battle is an uphill one, but I have the good fortune of being surrounded by a staff of professionals that care and that alone gives me hope. I thank you for this hospital and all you have done and I appreciate everything that has been done for me, to me and given me in a total effort to make my life a little better…a little brighter.”