Joshua Concepcion 

Food & Nutrition Services

"Last week, a brand-new mom and dad with their newborn stopped by to offer comments of appreciation. This mom was hospitalized on bed rest weeks before her baby was born. She wanted us to know that Josh was outstanding. From remembering how she liked her tea to cheering her up on a visit, she sang his praises.

She and her husband are not the only people who have noticed Josh. In the first three weeks of April, Josh was named no less than a dozen times through patient feedback. Here are just some of the comments; I think they say it all: 'Josh was exceptionally kind and courteous.' 'Josh was excellent!' 'Josh from nutrition services was extremely pleasant and accommodating.' 'Josh made me laugh and smile every time he came in.' 'The young man who took the order and brought the food was wonderful! Very kind and cheery.'

And the most impressive comment — and our favorite — was in a letter sent by a patient: 'Special mention should go to Josh from food services, who genuinely seemed more excited than my wife when her NPO order was finally lifted and she was able to eat solid food again.' Josh sets an example for service excellence that we all should follow. Josh truly loves his job and it shows in the way he cares for our patients. His excitement is contagious. Let’s all catch on! Congratulations, Josh!"