Kathy Chisholm, RN

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit

A “miracle” nurse helps a developmentally disabled woman through eye surgery.

Kathy Chisholm 

“Our daughter had cataract surgery at the Helmsley Surgical Center in January. As she is developmentally disabled, the preparation for the surgery was perhaps not the easiest. Our nurse, Kathy, explained that she would be with our daughter through the whole procedure, and she was. Everything went beautifully. 

Our daughter was totally relaxed and cooperative because of Kathy and the dedicated staff at the Center. I believe it was a miracle that Kathy was there that day. It was a delight to see her holding our daughter’s hand as she was wheeled into the operating suite – the two of them loudly singing ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry.’ I thought, ‘yes they do’ as tears streamed down my own face. How blessed we were to have such an accomplished professional nurse at her side.”