Lynn Kelly and Kye, Nancy Stillerman and Phoebe

Good Dog Foundation Volunteers

Therapy dogs are great, and so are their owners – especially when they go the extra mile for a patient.

Lynn Kelly and Kye 

“Nancy and Lynn have been bringing therapy dogs Phoebe and Kye to our Aphasia Support Group for a number of years. These ladies’ genuine warmth and enthusiasm touches everyone, and Phoebe and Kye offer unconditional love, support and cuddles (as well as some pretty impressive tricks). It is heartwarming to see the interaction between these dogs and those who struggle to communicate. 

Nancy and Lynn have always given of themselves to make our group meaningful to each participant. But today, Lynn went above and beyond her typical volunteer role. At the end of the group session, one of the patients asked that we contact ‘Call a Ride’ for her. Unfortunately, because it was a holiday, they were not operating. 

When the patient became tearful, Lynn reassured the woman that she would get her home safely and even brought her car up to the front door to pick her up. As the group’s facilitator, I thank both Nancy and Lynn – and Kye and Phoebe – today and every day they have given to the group.”