Mabel Scott

Respiratory Therapist

“Mabel was taking care of a patient in ICU with ALS. The patient was a young mother with a husband and a five-year-old daughter. The husband was extremely attentive and made the decision to have his wife, who was ventilator dependent, flown to Boston for some follow-up treatment. It took all afternoon to make the arrangements and unfortunately, shortly after they were finalized, the flight was cancelled due to the weather.

An ambulance transfer was then arranged. The ambulance company needed to take the hospital’s ventilator with the patient, but because of liability and training issues, they didn’t have the personnel to manage it. Nearing the end of a 12-hour shift, Mabel volunteered to accompany the patient in the ambulance to Boston – an 8-hour round trip. She stayed with the patient throughout the trip, assuring that the ventilator was adequately supporting her. Mabel returned to Greenwich at 3 am the following morning. She went way beyond doing a wonderful job. She went the extra mile – or in this case, the extra 400 miles – for the exceptional care of a patient. Thank you.”