Matthew Lubin, MD

Hospitalist Department

“Dr. Lubin was in Florida taking care of an ailing family member when he received a call from a former patient’s son. This was a patient he had taken care of over a year ago at Greenwich Hospital and with whom he had shared his cell phone number at that time. Listening to the son’s account of the patient’s symptoms, Dr. Lubin assessed that he should go immediately to the Emergency Department.

He then phoned a physician, the covering hospitalist, and the Emergency Department informing them of this incoming patient’s medical situation. As a result, the patient received timely care, including an MRI followed by emergency surgery.

Because of Dr. Lubin, the patient had the necessary surgery in time, protecting a vital aspect of the patient’s life. Dr. Lubin took time out from caring for his own family, to look out for a former patient. This is not atypical for Dr. Lubin, who is generally known as a friendly, thoughtful and good-natured physician. He often goes the extra mile, staying at the hospital many hours after his shift ends to make sure his patients are well cared for. Thank you, Dr. Lubin, for your excellent care.”