Morgan Harris

Physical Medicine

Unwavering determination to help a patient equally determined to resist her help

“I credit Morgan with helping to save my life. In June 2012, I had a below the knee amputation of the right leg. How I came to have this operation is not important. What is important is what happened the day after the surgery when Morgan appeared in my room. She was determined to get me moving as much as possible that first day.

However, I was equally determined to resist or complain about my depressed outlook for the future. The war of wills had begun, and I should have known then, I’d lose the contest. Morgan, ignoring my rants about depression, continued for the next six weeks to show me how to navigate this new world. She would make me do bed exercises, wheelchair transfers, and, yes, even the parallel bars on one leg.

The net result is that I was very well prepared for my stay in the rehab center. I currently do outpatient physical therapy with Morgan twice a week, and I’m getting stronger each day. I hope your hospital has some sort of employee recognition program. Morgan is a tremendous asset for anyone she helps with physical rehabilitation.”