Robert Meltzer


A patient and his pets get TLC from a volunteer who really listened.

Robert Meltzer 

“As Bob escorted a gentleman from his Ultrasound exam, the patient told him he was extremely upset that he was going to be admitted to the hospital. He explained that his two dogs were at home and needed to be fed. Bob offered to call a friend or neighbor for him, but the patient explained there was no one to call. That’s when Bob offered further help."

“When Bob got to the patient’s home, there was little food for the dogs and not much for the owner either. He made a trip to the store and bought dog food and the basics so the patient would have something upon his return home. During the next several weeks Bob fed, walked and cared for the dogs and even arranged a visit to the vet. As more time passed and the patient could no longer care for his pets, Bob helped to find them new, permanent homes."

“The extraordinary help he provided for this patient exemplify Bob’s kindness, generosity and resourcefulness. He extended himself in a truly magnificent way.”