Tom Milucci, PT

Physical Medicine

For this patient, physical therapist Tom Milucci was literally a lifesaver.

Tom Milucci 

“I have been going to Tom for PT since having a total knee replacement and have had terrific results. I am convinced that Tom saved my life twice in a three-day period. When walking from the waiting room to the gym, I was quite short of breath, which I attributed to my weight. Tom noticed and asked if he could call my internist. I agreed and was seen immediately. A CT scan revealed blood clots in my lungs and treatment began immediately. 

The second experience occurred two days later. Tom always asks me how I feel before we begin our session. I told him I had been feeling faint earlier in the morning. He took my blood pressure and called my doctor once again. I was taken directly to the ED, where I was admitted for very low blood pressure. In both cases, if Tom had not acted promptly, the results could have been disastrous. He is an exceptional, astute, professional and caring member of your staff.”