Valerie Romanello, RN

Operating Room

A surgeon applauds the nurse who came in on Christmas Eve to help save a life.

Valerie Romanello 

“On Christmas Eve, I was called to the Emergency Dept. to see a young mother who had a sudden catastrophic brain hemorrhage. She needed to be taken immediately to the operating room, or she would die. I knew I needed a very experienced OR nurse and asked for Valerie, who was not on call and was busy cooking for her family and preparing for the holiday. 

Within 20 minutes, Valerie appeared in the OR. We stopped the bleeding, and the patient woke up without having suffered a stroke. She was walking and talking within days and celebrated her birthday in the hospital soon afterward with her family and two-year-old."

“Valerie is dedicated, professional and always willing to do whatever it takes to help a patient in need. This patient was able to enjoy Christmas and look toward the New Year – all thanks to Valerie’s unwavering dedication.”