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Greenwich Hospital mobilizes to combat the pandemic

Greenwich Hospital was the first hospital in Connecticut to establish an outpatient specimen collection center to test patients for COVID-19.

Nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists and others care for COVID-19 patients in the Intensive Care Unit, which was expanded from 10 to 30 beds.

Amid the challenges posed by caring for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 has come some good – Greenwich Hospital has discharged nearly 500 patients to continue their recovery at home or an after-care facility.

From the start, Greenwich Hospital has been on the forefront of battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Greenwich was the first hospital in Connecticut to offer an outpatient specimen collection center to test for COVID-19.

More than 5,000 Connecticut and New York residents have used the specimen collection center. At the main campus, staff from all hospital departments mobilized to care for COVID-19 patients.

The size of the Intensive Care Unit nearly tripled and an additional 84 beds were identified within the main building by converting non-patient areas into medical areas.

Telemedicine capabilities in the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department were significantly expanded. A total of 112 physicians received disaster privileges to practice at Greenwich Hospital.

To support patients and families, Greenwich Hospital established a virtual consultation room for families to speak with physicians and view their loved ones in the ICU.

The hospital also deployed iPads to various units to connect patients and loved ones via Zoom and FaceTime.

“This is our time to demonstrate to the country and the world what healthcare workers are truly made of,” said Norman Roth, president and chief executive officer of Greenwich Hospital.