Preparing for a High-Risk Pregnancy

The harmony in Lucia Palmieri-Zager’s life resonates every time she looks at her beautiful and healthy twins, born after a scare that left her wondering if she’d ever give birth.

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Bringing healthy babies into the world

As a father and grandfather, I know the joy of welcoming a newborn into the family. It’s a joy we witness every day at Greenwich Hospital, which welcomes more than 2,800 babies each year.

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Age Out Loud! May is Older Americans Month

Today’s seniors are breaking new ground by striving for wellness, working longer, finding ways to age in place, trying new things and staying active.

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Stroke – Do You Know What To Do?

Most people think a stroke affects the heart. But a stroke is actually a “brain attack” caused by interrupted blood flow to the brain.

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Better Diabetes Management

Most people with diabetes feel great when their disease is under control. Uncontrolled diabetes, though, can wear down the body and lead to complications that affect blood circulation, the nervous system, vision and foot problems.

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