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Newborn Services

Greenwich Hospital offers newborns and their families a wide array of services and family-centered care to ensure babies and mothers are healthy and comfortable. We are committed to promoting strong family ties and providing a safe and supportive environment for bonding.

Expert Staff

In addition to board-certified pediatricians, our staff includes:

  • Advanced practice nurses
  • Lactation and feeding consultants
  • Audiologists
  • Patient safety nurse
  • Neonatal respiratory care professionals
  • Pastoral care providers
  • Social workers
  • Nutritionists

Services for newborns and their parents include:

  • Newborn Testing. Greenwich Hospital provides a full range of newborn health screenings during the postpartum stay.
  • Parent Education. The Newborn Channel, a 24/7 television service, offers up-to-date baby care and postpartum education for new parents. Nurses and other staff are also available to help parents learn the necessary skills to care for their new baby.
  • Lactation Consulting. New mothers choosing to breastfeed get support at Greenwich Hospital before and after the birth of their baby.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care. Most babies are born healthy, but for premature or sick newborns, Greenwich Hospital is ready with a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
  • Tender Beginnings Parenting Program. This program offers courses on baby care and feeding, as well as support groups and parenting classes.
  • Vaccination for the Newborn. To ensure that babies do not contract Hepatitis B, a virus that is easily spread from an infected mother to her newborn, babies will be vaccinated. Learn more from the CDC.

Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards

Upon admission to the Maternity unit, you will receive a "Welcome Folder" containing Birth Certificate worksheets and Social Security forms. Please return the completed forms to the maternity staff prior to discharge. The hospital will then submit this information appropriately.

Your newborn's Social Security card will be sent directly to your home. Copies of the birth certificate may be obtained for a fee from Greenwich Town Hall, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

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