Neurological Research and Registries

Greenwich Hospital patients who meet certain research criteria may take part in important national neurological research.

Connecticut Lumbar Interbody Fusion (CLIF) Registry

Greenwich Hospital has begun enrollment in a prospective, non-randomized registry designed to evaluate clinical outcomes in Connecticut patients treated with single-level instrumented lumbar interbody fusion. Patients must have been consecutively treated by spine surgeons in both academic and private practice environments.

The registry’s primary aim is to establish a statewide, multi-center, cooperative research group of academic and private practice spine surgeons that demonstrate at least 80 percent compliance in collecting 1-year outcomes data for this particular type of fusion. The secondary aim is to demonstrate clinical effectiveness for the procedure.

Ten sites are participating in the study. Each patient will be followed for 12 months after surgery.

Principal Investigator: Andrea F. Douglas, MD, Neurosurgeon at Greenwich Hospital

Scoliosis Registry

The purpose of establishing an adult degenerative scoliosis registry is to better understand the long term functional and quality of life outcomes of both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for patients with scoliosis. Outcome questionnaires will be filled out before and after starting treatment for a period of 24 months.

Principal Investigator: Andrea F. Douglas, MD, Neurosurgeon at Greenwich Hospital

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The ONS Foundation Research

Established in alliance with Greenwich Hospital, The ONS Foundation is dedicated to developing the most advanced surgical techniques, rehabilitation protocols and clinical outcomes in orthopedics and neurosurgery. The foundation is currently working on several research projects including one comparing outcomes of open spine surgery to minimally invasive surgery; and another examining spinal stress fractures in young athletes.

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