Spine Center

The Spine Center at Greenwich Hospital specializes in advanced spinal fusion surgery, using the latest open and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Spinal fusion surgery is an option for patients who no longer get relief from other treatments, and are experiencing chronic pain or impairment due to spinal instability, unstable fractures, deformities of the spine or spondylolisthesis (a condition in which one vertebra slips forward on top of another).

The Spine Center has been awarded national certification by the Joint Commission for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal surgery. Greenwich Hospital neurosurgeons bring a high rate of successful outcomes to patients, reducing their pain and allowing them to live a more active life.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Neurosurgeons at Greenwich Hospital perform minimally invasive spinal fusion through two or three small 1" incisions using a tiny scope to guide the surgery. Miniaturized instruments and innovative techniques help protect surrounding tissue. This causes less trauma to the body and offers significant advantages to patients including:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Less blood loss
  • Less scarring
  • Less pain
  • Faster return to normal activity

Other Surgical Innovations Include:

  • O-Arm imaging technology which enables surgeons to view real-time 3D images throughout the procedure. This makes it easier for precise navigation around delicate areas such as organs and the spinal cord.
  • The "cell saver" machine, which suctions, washes, and filters blood so it can be given back to the patient's body. Using the cell saver reduces blood loss by half and cuts down on the need for transfusion.
  • A unique range of materials for fusion, including bone morphogenetic protein, which promotes bone growth.

Personal Guidance

Greenwich Hospital provides patients with individual attention every step of the way. Certified by the Joint Commission as one of the best in the country, the Spine Center’s commitment to excellence includes an emphasis on patient communication and involvement. The pre-operative patient education program allows ample opportunities to ask questions and voice concerns.

Our program coordinator guides each patient from the time the surgery is booked until after the patient returns home from the hospital or short term rehabilitation. Patient support services include making discharge arrangements, and coordinating home care and rehabilitation services.

Expert Care Team

The Greenwich Hospital neurosurgery team delivers exceptional clinical care in a compassionate and supportive environment. Known for its quality of care, the team includes specially trained surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, physician assistants, nursing assistants, rehabilitation specialists, case managers and the program coordinator.