Executive Physical Examinations

Greenwich Hospital’s Occupational Health Services offers busy executives a comprehensive and thorough physical exam in a private and comfortable setting. The exam is conducted within four hours, with most of the results available for discussion during that timeframe. The focus is on health and wellness information, disease prevention and early detection.

Thorough, Private and Relaxed

Exams are conducted in a dedicated area designed for maximum comfort and convenience. A wide range of services and specialties is covered, eliminating the need for multiple visits.

After blood work is drawn, a light breakfast is served in an executive lounge featuring a private locker and shower. Female physicians are available upon request.

The exam includes:

  • Medical interview and physical examination
  • Cardiac stress testing
  • Pulmonary function test, chest x-ray
  • Vision test and glaucoma screening
  • Hearing test (avoid loud noise for 24 hours prior)
  • Blood work (fasting required)
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Fitness assessment

Additional imaging studies, such as CT scans, mammograms, colonoscopies and osteoporosis screening, may be ordered as needed or requested during the exam.

The Executive Physical Exam includes a personal nutrition consultation with a registered dietician, and a consultation with an exercise physiologist to customize a fitness regimen. A half-hour therapeutic massage is also allocated as part of the total exam time, and is available upon request.

Patients receive a full report of findings and recommendations. A report can be sent directly to the employee's personal physician for follow-up care. Referrals to Greenwich Hospital specialists and consultation with specialists during the exam are available when requested at the time of scheduling.

Call Occupational Health Services to schedule an executive physical examination: (203) 863-3400

Preparing for Your Examination

To expedite services please:

How to prepare for your examination:

  1. Do not take vitamins for 3 days prior to blood work as they may interfere with results.
  2. If you are having blood drawn, fast for 12 hours prior. You may drink Decaf black coffee, or tea, have water and take medications. Diabetics, please call for instructions.
  3. cardiac stress test: Please do not smoke or eat for at least 4 hours before this procedure. Bring warm-ups, sweat suit or shorts and sneakers. Shower facilities are available at our offices.
  4. Pulmonary function test (breathing test): Please do not have a large meal or smoke cigarettes for 2 hours before this test.