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Types of Sleep Disorders

Following are just a few of the many conditions and problems that are considered sleep disorders:

  • Insomnia. Having trouble falling or staying asleep.
  • Sleep Apnea. A serious condition that causes a person to intermittently stop breathing during the night.
  • Narcolepsy. A neurological disorder characterized by an uncontrollable need to sleep, regardless of the time of day or the situation.
  • Restless Legs. Jumpy, uncomfortable feelings in the legs that interfere with sleep.
  • Abnormal Sleep Behaviors. Moving, talking or walking while sleeping.
  • Sleep Terrors. Terrifying episodes that cause the sleeper to suddenly awaken during the night.
  • Nightmares. Long, frightening dreams that occur frequently, disrupting sleep.
  • Psychological Conditions. Mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, may cause an individual to sleep too much or too little.

The Sleep Center Staff

All of our specialists are board certified in sleep disorders.

Sleep Technologists: These registered respiratory therapists are specially licensed and trained to monitor advanced equipment used to diagnose specific sleep disorders.

Other Specialists: Treatment of many sleep problems often requires the assistance of neurologists, other medical and surgical specialists. The Sleep Center’s location within Greenwich Hospital makes it easy for patients to access additional services.

Referrals and Appointments

Most sleep studies are ordered by a physician who is versed in the study of sleep (for example, a sleep specialist, an ENT surgeon, pulmonologist or neurologist). If a patient does not have a sleep-qualified physician to order a test, the patient must be seen by our Sleep Center director. He will review the case to determine whether a sleep study is necessary.

To make an appointment or for more information, call the Sleep Center at Greenwich Hospital at (203) 863-3167, or e-mail [email protected].

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