About the Addiction Recovery Center

The Greenwich Hospital Addiction Recovery Center (ARC) is licensed by the State of Connecticut and approved by the Joint Commission, the nation’s top healthcare accreditation organization. It has one goal: to match treatment to the needs of the patient. ARC achieves this by offering a spectrum of services to match the biological, psychological, and behavioral elements of the patient’s disease.

Patients receive expert treatment from a multidisciplinary team that includes a physician certified in addiction medicine and psychiatry, highly specialized addiction counselors and registered nurses. This team is knowledgeable in all aspects of substances that may be involved in substance use disorders including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers, sleep agents, and marijuana.

Treatment for individuals 18 years of age or older is provided along a continuum of care that includes: crisis intervention, inpatient medical stabilization, outpatient group-based programming with aftercare planning, and medication consultation, when appropriate.

Each staff member is very sensitive to the specific treatment needs of both the patient and the patient’s family, who are always impacted by the patient’s illness.

In order to achieve a lasting recovery, the ARC focuses on providing patients with comprehensive services:

  • Counselors teach skills to solve problems and deal with stress and family difficulties that are often triggers for relapse
  • Families receive the support they need to stabilize themselves and, in doing so, improve the lives of the patient
  • Patients have access to the entire multidisciplinary staff of Greenwich Hospital when there are specific treatment needs.

Becoming a Patient

Admission to Greenwich Hospital’s ARC is entirely voluntary. Referrals may be made by the individual him or herself or by a physician.

During the initial phone screening, basic information is collected, and an assessment is scheduled when appropriate. The assessment consists of a clinical interview where a variety of information is obtained: patient’s treatment goals and motivation, medical and psychiatric background, substance use history, psychosocial functioning, and safety.

This information is then incorporated into a treatment plan that often includes services offered at ARC. Also at this time, financial counselors from the hospital are available to clarify insurance coverage.