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Weight Loss Surgery Patient Stories


John Renaldo

At age 35, John weighed 308 pounds. His health was suffering, and he could barely keep up with work colleagues and his young children. He made a New Year’s resolution to find a weight-loss solution.

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Davis Romero

When Davis Romero of Stamford traveled to Saint Maarten in 2014, he was looking forward to the vacation of a lifetime. But the experience got off to a bumpy start. 

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denine timlin

Denine Timlin

Frustrated with letting the scale rule her health and happiness, Denine was poised for a dramatic change as she eyed her 40th birthday celebration. 

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diana shattuck

Dianna Shattuck

Dianna started seeking medical help for weight loss when, "I progressively gained so much weight that I was constantly embarrassed, worried and tired," she recalled.

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Christine Novello

More than 120 pounds overweight, with high cholesterol and a family history of strokes and arteriosclerosis, doctors feared Christine might share the same fate as her father. 

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Daniel A. Beltran

Daniel A. Beltran

For years, Daniel Beltran wouldn’t allow anyone to take his photo. “I had to be behind someone if I was in a picture. So that all you could see was my head,” he says.

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