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Discharge and Going Home

At Greenwich Hospital, plans for a safe discharge begin the day you are admitted. Nurse case managers work with you and your caregiver throughout your stay to provide a smooth transition from being a hospitalized patient to a discharged person so you can get on with your life.

Your healthcare team (physicians, nurse case managers, social work case managers and/or therapy staff) work to prepare you for discharge. The following needs will be assessed and coordinated for your discharge:

  • Transportation on the day of discharge
  • Support services: Meals on Wheels, shopping, homemaker/companion services
  • Home care services: Visiting nurse, home health aide, therapy and/or social services
  • Rehabilitation facility placement or referral
  • Skilled nursing facility placement
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Medication prescriptions

Discharge time is after breakfast.

Greenwich Hospital Responsibilities for Discharge Coordination

Regardless of where you are going at discharge, Greenwich Hospital works with you and your family to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you are going:


The hospital provides you with discharge instructions and information on medications or treatments needed after discharge.

Home with home care services

Your physician and nurse provide a report of your status to the home health agency. Your physician gives the home health agency treatment orders.

To a facility

Your physician and nurse provide a report of your status to the facility prior to discharge. Your physician gives the facility treatment orders. The social worker arranges for transportation to the facility if needed.

Patient/Family Responsibilities for Discharge Coordination

A smooth and coordinated discharge process is assured when your and your family members communicate with hospital staff throughout your stay.

  • Greenwich Hospital Social work case managers help you understand and access your insurance benefits. Case managers work with all insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • You/your family should inform your nurse of any discharge needs as soon as possible. You/your family should make arrangements to leave Greenwich Hospital after breakfast unless otherwise instructed on the day of discharge.
  • If you/your family have questions about your discharge plans, contact the nurse case manager or call the Greenwich Hospital Case Management Department at 203-863-3366.