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Lung Cancer

Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus offers the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating lung cancer. Among our services is an early screening program shown to have improved survivorship for people at higher risk.

Learn more about all aspects of lung cancer and services offered at Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus:

Risk Factors for Lung Cancer

Risk factors are traits that may put people at greater risk of developing lung cancer.


Smoking tobacco is the leading risk factor responsible for nine out of 10 cases.

Secondhand Smoke

Nonsmokers who breathe the tobacco smoke of others are at increased risk.


Exposure to high indoor radon levels at home or work can damage lungs and lead to cancer. Radon is an odorless radioactive gas produced naturally by rocks and soil.


Inhaled asbestos particles can cause damage that leads to lung cancer or mesothelioma, a cancer that starts in the lining of the lung.


Community programs on prevention and early detection are also available to help people of all ages become more aware of lung cancer and how they can reduce their risk.

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Greenwich Hospital offers a wide selection of private consultations, counseling, and support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones.

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