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Stay Safe

Partners in Safety

Your safety is our top priority. Falling is a risk we can work together to prevent. 

Assessing your risk for falling

All patients are at risk for falls. A nurse will evaluate your risk of falling the day you are admitted and again as needed during your hospitalization.

The assessment takes into consideration your history of falls, unsteady walk, use of cane or walker, periods of confusion, medical conditions (fatigue and weakness), periods of dizziness, medications and your level of cooperation.

How we protect you

Greenwich Hospital takes a number of steps to protect you if the fall assessment shows that you are at a high risk of falling.

  • We notify your caregivers and other staff by posting a "falling leaves" card outside your hospital door.
  • We place a yellow band on your wrist.
  • We will frequently check on you to make sure you can reach items that you need and that your bed is in the lowest position.
  • A bed alarm will alert staff if you try to get out of bed without assistance.
  • We have video monitoring in certain patient rooms for patients at risk for falling. Specially trained certified nursing assistants work as a team as one observes the beds from a central monitoring station, while the other makes rounds to assist patients as needed.
  • We provide non-skid slippers for you to wear.
  • We encourage family members to stay with you so that you feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

What you can do

Always remember to use your call bell if you need assistance for any reason. Wait for our staff to help you when you need to get out of bed.

To avoid dizziness, sit at the side of the bed for a few moments before you stand. If you do feel dizzy getting up from bed or a chair, call for assistance. Do not try to stand on your own.

Be careful that you are not stepping on long clothing or bed linens on the floor.

Wear properly fitting non-skid shoes or slippers.

Be sure your pathway is clear of any furniture, equipment, oxygen tubing or cords and that the lights are on. If you must walk with an IV or other equipment, please call for assistance and wait until staff arrives.

Use handrails when available, and a cane or walker if you have one.

Always wear your glasses and hearing aid.

Notify staff of any spill or wet areas so they may be cleaned up quickly.

For Family and Visitors

Family and visitors are important safety partners. Here's how to help patients stay safe and prevent them from falling in the hospital:

  • Encourage the patient to ask questions about their care.
  • Remind the patient that it is ALWAYS okay to ask for help. Make sure they know how to ask for assistance:
    • The nursing call bell is located on the bed.
    • A pull call bell is located in the bathroom.
  • Visit as often as you can.
  • You may hire a private nursing attendant to remain with the patient. Ask the nurse or the nurse manager for information.
  • Patients may become easily disoriented in the hospital. Remind them where they are and why they are here.
  • Notify the nurse of any changes in the patient's condition, especially new symptoms of dizziness or weakness.
  • With the nurse's approval, you may escort the patient to the bathroom or on walks.
  • A family member may be allowed to spend the night in the hospital with the patient. Some restrictions may apply.

Please communicate any concerns to the patient's nurse or nurse manager.


Lifeline Connecticut

A personal emergency response system. For information call 800-330-9747.

The Center for Healthy Aging at Greenwich Hospital

Provides an in-depth evaluation by a geriatrician and social worker. Referral required from primary care physician. For information call 203-863-4373.

Learn more about the center

Greenwich Nursing and Healthcare Registry

A 24-hour nurse and nursing aide referral service. For information call 203-869-4050.

Advanced Care Registry

A 24-hour nurse and nursing aide referral service. For information call 203-921-5332.