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Video: Greenwich Hospital Radiation Therapy

Greenwich Hospital Radiation Therapy

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[Introduction Music]

(Maria Marini)

The radiation therapy department is a division of the cancer institute at Greenwich Hospital. We use the latest technology, along with highly skilled and trained board-certified staff. The radiation therapy department was designed with the patient in mind, with calming, soothing music, colors, furniture, constantly embracing the patient during the course of their treatment.

(Dickerman Hollister)

The therapy team at greenwich hospital consists of physicians who design their radiation for each individual patient. Then there are the physicists: they map out the actual dimensions of the tumours to direct the radiation beam. Finally we have an excellent team of nurses and therapists who deliver the radiation therapy, right in the comfort of our own community. They line the patient up in the machine and be sure the treatment is delivered accurately, just as prescribed by the treating physician.

(Carolyn Troy)

I am the nurse in the radiation oncology department, I see all patients when they initially come in for their radiation treatments, and I follow them throughout treatment. I see my role as a patient advocate, empowering them to get through treatment with as little side side effects as possible. Cancer is very frightening and what we try to do here is bring more comfort to the patient through a lot of support.

(Heidy Malin)

I've been a radiation therapist for 18 years and i wouldn't want to do anything else. i love working with the patients, I love the technology, it never gets boring, and just the feeling of knowing that every day you've done something for that patient to make their life better, is the best feeling in the world.

(Domenico Delli Carpini)

A medical physicist assures the safe and effective delivery of radiation treatment to patients, as prescribed by the radiation oncologist. We work very closely with radiation oncologists to produce a computer-generated dose distribution plan, which ensures the best treatment for each patient.

(Dickerman Hollister)

Radiation therapy is a very important part of the treatment of a cancer patient. The machine that we use is the brand new linear accelerator made by Novalis. This is a state of the art device. What this allows us to do is to taser the cancer beam to maximize exposure on the malignant tumour or the cancer, but to minimize X-ray exposure on the normal, healthy tissues. This increases the effectiveness as a cancer treatment, and reduces side effects on the patient. Our opinion, and we looked at a lot of different machines and a lot of different companies, that this Novalis machine is the best there is, bar none.

(Maria Marini)

Radiation therapy treatment is five days a week, generally for four to six weeks. The ease and convenience of greenwich hospital allows for patients to receive expert compassionate care, without having to travel far.

(Heidy Malin)

Its exciting that after 18 years, we've now embarked on this new look and we're able to offer the patients a beautiful place to come, with wonderful, caring staff, with the highest level of technology available.