Message from Christine Randolph, Auxiliary President

The volunteers of the Auxiliary have served Greenwich Hospital for 67 years, contributing generously of their time and talents in the pursuit of service excellence for which the hospital is known.

Last year 380 adult volunteers contributed 38,000 hours of service to the hospital and 153 juniors gave another 6,845 hours. These hours represent the culmination of over 4.5 million volunteer hours provided by the Auxiliary in its years of existence.

In addition to our give of time, we provide financial support to the hospital through our operation of the gift and thrift shops. We are in the midst of a 5-year pledge of $1 million to the Cardiology Department. In addition we have generously funded new hospital equipment to keep the hospital in the forefront of medical care.

We continue to underwrite the distribution of magazines and newspapers throughout the hospital and for 14 years have awarded scholarships to graduating seniors at Greenwich High School who intend to pursue studies in health care. Volunteers can be seen almost everywhere in the hospital, from the front desk to the Emergency Department, to the patient rooms or on the move, escorting patients, spreading cheer with the kindness cart, newspapers to staff and patients, flowers to patient rooms or books for patients to read while convalescing. Our Healing Touch Service is much in demand as well as our production and delivery of handmade knitted shawls to grateful oncology patients.

Greenwich Hospital Volunteers – Extraordinary People Who Care