Message from the Auxiliary President, Tom White

For the past 63 years the volunteers of the Auxiliary have served Greenwich Hospital, contributing generously of their time and talents to the institution’s ever widening reputation as a premier health care center.

During the past fiscal year ending September 30, 527 adult volunteers contributed more than 52,000 hours of service to the Hospital, and 165 junior volunteers gave another 7,000 hours of service.

Many of these hours of service were contributed to the operation of the Gift Shop at the Hospital or the Thrift Shop on Hamilton Avenue. Funds raised from sales at these shops made it possible to contribute another $200,000 toward the Auxiliary’s five-year $1 million pledge to the Hospital for the Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Healing facility and to begin the current fiscal year with an additional gift of $500,000 for the purchase of new equipment and other capital improvements for the Hospital’s Cardiology Department.

Donations from individual Auxiliary members made possible the purchase of magazines for patient rooms and family lounges at the Hospital.

Each year the Auxiliary funds scholarships given by the Greenwich Scholarship Association to graduating Greenwich High School students going on to pursue careers in health care.

In their pink, red, green or blue uniforms, Auxiliary volunteers can be seen almost everywhere in the Hospital, from the front desk, to the Emergency Room, to the patient rooms or on the move escorting patients, delivering medications from the pharmacy, newspapers to staff and patients, flowers to patient rooms or books for patients to read while convalescing. Ready with smiles and quick hellos, these volunteers bring joy to their service and bright moments to patients and staff alike.