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Tumor Boards & Conference

Regular meetings of Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus's Tumor Boards and Tumor Conference reflect our interdisciplinary team approach to cancer care.

Tumor Boards

The weekly meeting of our Tumor Board brings together a multidisciplinary team to review and explore treatment options for all types of cancer cases (except basal and squamous skin cancer and non-invasive melanoma).

The team includes medical oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, nurses and other specialists.

Tumor Conference

Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus's Tumor Conference convenes every month for an in-depth discussion of recent cancer cases. Open to medical staff and oncology nurses, each session educates attendees about a specific type of cancer.

A physician familiar with the patient presents a case history, and radiologists and pathologists provide pertinent information. Consulting oncologists from the Yale Cancer Center also share knowledge and expertise in cancer diagnosis and management.

Benefits of a multidisciplinary approach:

  • Specialists from various disciplines pool their expertise to create the most effective individualized treatment plan for patients.
  • The combined expertise of many specialists provides an informal "second opinion" from other cancer experts.
  • Forums provide an opportunity to discuss new treatments.