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Blood Donation

General Blood Donations

Contact your local chapter of the American Red Cross to learn when the next local blood drive will be held: 800-GIVE-LIFE (800-448-3543).

American Red Cross Autologous and Directed Blood Donation Program at Greenwich Hospital

The American Red Cross provides a blood drawing site at Greenwich Hospital for the patient's convenience prior to surgery. Individuals can give blood for their own use, for example, before a surgery. This is called an “autologous donation.” In addition, family or friends can make a “directed blood donation” for a specific patient. Doctors' orders must be faxed to the American Red Cross (fax: 585-760-5889) authorizing the blood donation. Arrangements to have blood drawn at Greenwich Hospital must be made in advance through the American Red Cross at 800-634-9069. The American Red Cross is currently drawing at Greenwich Hospital’s 2015 West Main Street facility. Hours are scheduled through the American Red Cross.

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Organ and Tissue Donations

Making a choice about organ and tissue donation is a personal decision and deserves careful consideration. The New England Organ Bank can answer your questions and send you a donor card. Simply call 800-446-NEOB or visit the New England Organ Bank web site.

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