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Just a Heartbeat Away

A message from the president of Greenwich Hospital

Given how important you are to all of us at Greenwich Hospital, I hope you consider your well-being as we prepare to welcome a new year. There are many ways to achieve this goal at Yale New Haven Health. To start, you may want to consider making a commitment to stay heart-healthy and take advantage of the world-class cardiovascular expertise close to home.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among men and women, responsible for one in every five deaths in the United States. In fact, congestive heart failure is the leading diagnosis for people age 65 and older who come to Greenwich Hospital’s Emergency Department.

These compelling statistics are among the many reasons why the Yale New Haven Health Heart and Vascular Center at 500 West Putnam Ave. in Greenwich focuses as much on prevention and education as it does on delivering advanced diagnostic and treatment options. The center brings together leading cardiac specialists who provide high-quality care.

Consider, for example, the work of Michael Chen, MD, a Yale Medicine cardiologist who sees patients in Greenwich. He specializes in congestive heart failure, constantly looking for ways to improve treatment options and quality of life. Dr. Chen is also committed to cardiac wellness to identify the disease at an early stage or keep it at bay altogether. Our cardiovascular rehabilitation program complements these efforts by helping patients – such as Douglas Castiello featured in our cover story – to make heart-healthy lifestyle changes.

As we approach the new year, make heart health a priority and begin 2023 with a commitment to take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

Have a happy, healthy New Year.

Diane P. Kelly, President