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Health Extensions

Health Extensions

Greenwich Hospital November - December 2022 Health Extensions

November - December 2022

World-Class Surgical Care at Your Door

Most people would rather never see the inside of an operating room. But sometimes unexpected events happen – a child needs an emergency appendectomy in the middle of the night; a car accident victim needs immediate surgery; or perhaps it’s time for a total knee replacement after years of pain.

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September - October 2022

The future of cancer care is here

Imagine a time when 95 percent of all cancers are curable and people with incurable cancers have access to treatments that allow them to live longer with a good quality of life. Sound far-fetched? Not to Eric Winer, MD, the new director of Yale Cancer Center and physician-in-chief of Smilow Cancer Network, who expects the nation will reach this milestone in a decade.

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Cancer Care Team at Greenwich Hospital
Expert pediatric care within the community

May - August 2022

Expert pediatric care within the community

Meghan Katz of Darien will always remember St. Patrick’s Day 2022 as the glorious day when Dylan – born at 27 weeks of gestation – finally came home after spending 63 days in Greenwich Hospital’s Level III-B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). “We were thrilled,” said Katz.

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March - April 2022

Where the beat goes on

Jill Ernst’s first cardiac episode occurred nine years ago during the birth of her triplets. Her physician advised the new mother to see a cardiologist. But Ernst attributed the heart issue to the stress of delivering three babies by cesarean section, so she decided to forego visiting the heart specialist.

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Where the beat goes on
Keith O'Leary Centered on recovery

January - February 2022

Centered on recovery

“It’s taken a long time, but I finally like who I am and feel comfortable in my own skin,” said Keith O’Leary, 61, who has been sober for nearly three-and-a-half years.

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November - December 2021

Surviving breast cancer, family style

March 2020 was a challenging time for Greenwich resident Elyse Merolla and her family. COVID-19 had just hit Connecticut. Suddenly, schools were closed, and her husband’s barbershop shut down. “Then I felt a lump in my right armpit”.

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Surviving Breast Cancer cover
Raising the level of emergency care

May - August 2021

Raising the level of emergency care

Picture this scenario: A bicyclist riding along a quiet road in Greenwich swerves to avoid a pothole, loses control and crashes. Within minutes, an ambulance arrives.

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March - April 2021

Joint replacement: out with the old, in with the new

What do a 36-year-old breakdancer and a 63-year-old retired physician have in common? N’tegrity Quiñones and Carolyn Thompson both had successful joint replacement surgery at Greenwich Hospital last year – Quiñones got a new hip, Thompson a knee.

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Carolyn Thompson
January - February 2021 Health Extensions

January - February 2021

The value of having your own doctor

Life can get complicated, especially these days, so when a medical problem pops up, you need to deal with it quickly and without too much stress.

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November - December 2020

Telehealth to the rescue

The last thing Katie Tenenbaum of Wilton wanted to do at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Connecticut was drive her seven-year-old son, Dylan, to Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Pediatric Specialty Center in Greenwich for a follow-up visit.

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Katie and Dylan Tenenbaum
Heroes Work Here

September - October 2020

Greenwich Hospital prioritizes safety as services reopen

Greenwich Hospital and its offsite locations are completely open, with the resumption of all services that were temporarily suspended or deferred at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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June - August 2020

A miracle in the operating room

Joseph Perez never imagined his extra-long work day driving a limousine would end in an ambulance racing to Greenwich Hospital.

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Drs Zetchi and Matouk
Sommer Haynes and son

March - April 2020

Special Deliveries

While every birth is celebrated, the two times the lullaby welcomed the sons of Sommer Haynes and her husband were especially joyful occasions.

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January - February 2020

Diabetes and Heart Disease – Surviving the Double Whammy

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in his mid 60s, Richardson was working to manage the disease with the assistance of a Greenwich Hospital endocrinologist.

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Allen Richardson
Donald Kerr

November - December 2019

Healthy Heart, Healthy Living

Kerr, 74, had experienced increasing fatigue for about three months. His wife was out of town on business that fateful evening. When a friend called, Kerr mentioned he was having chest pains.

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September - October 2019

Taking a Better Approach to Pain Management

Few people watching Zevi Tilles, 43, sprint across the soccer field would suspect he could barely get out of bed a few months earlier due to severe back and leg pain.

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Zevi Tilles
Rita Appel

May - August 2019

Breathing Easier

Rita Appel, 68, of Westport never expected that an annual checkup with her primary care physician would lead to a visit with a pulmonologist and a diagnosis of lung cancer – nearly 40 years after quitting smoking.

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March - April 2019

Where Kids Are the Center of Attention

Parents are always concerned when their children get sick, whether it’s a nasty cold or a painful earache. When a child has a serious illness, disease or injury that requires surgery or other complex treatment, having convenient access to a trusted hospital staffed with top-notch medical professionals becomes paramount.

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Caruso Family
olivia enright

January - February 2019

The Many Faces of Health Care

As healthcare delivery evolves, patients are seeing more allied health professionals – physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiologic technologists, physical therapists and many others – at the hospital, Emergency Department and physicians' offices. Meet some of Greenwich Hospital's finest.

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September - October 2018

Bariatric Surgery: Lose Weight, Gain Health
Advanced procedures curb obesity and reduce related risks from chronic conditions.

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bariatric program
Jim Roche

May - August 2018

A Hard Fall, Then a Soft Landing

After tearing a rotator cuff in a skiing accident, Jim Roche turned to Greenwich Hospital’s Long Ridge Medical Center – and ultimately back to the slopes.

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March - April 2018

Easing a Child's Visit to the Emergency Department

Children visiting Greenwich Hospital’s Emergency Department now have access to the most advanced pediatric emergency services in the region.

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Advanced Pediatric Emergency Services

January - February 2018

Matters of the Heart

Marisa Telesca admits she has spent a lifetime focusing on the needs of others, while ignoring  her own health. But as age 60 approached, she began reassessing.

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