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Health Extensions

Health Extensions

Shirley and Corey Toby of White Plains, NY, with their growing family

March - April 2023

“Dream Team” Cares for At-Risk Pregnant Women

Shirley and Corey Toby were determined to return to the “dream team” at Greenwich Hospital when they learned they were having a second child – even though other hospitals were closer to their new home in White Plains, NY.

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January - February 2023

Taking Life’s Lessons to Heart

As a Greenwich mail carrier, Douglas Castiello walks miles through numerous neighborhoods with ease every day. So, he was surprised to suddenly develop a bloated abdomen.

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Taking life’s lessons to heart
Greenwich Hospital November - December 2022 Health Extensions

November - December 2022

World-Class Surgical Care at Your Door

Most people would rather never see the inside of an operating room. But sometimes unexpected events happen – a child needs an emergency appendectomy in the middle of the night; a car accident victim needs immediate surgery; or perhaps it’s time for a total knee replacement after years of pain.

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September - October 2022

The future of cancer care is here

Imagine a time when 95 percent of all cancers are curable and people with incurable cancers have access to treatments that allow them to live longer with a good quality of life. Sound far-fetched? Not to Eric Winer, MD, the new director of Yale Cancer Center and physician-in-chief of Smilow Cancer Network, who expects the nation will reach this milestone in a decade.

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Cancer Care Team at Greenwich Hospital
Expert pediatric care within the community

May - August 2022

Expert pediatric care within the community

Meghan Katz of Darien will always remember St. Patrick’s Day 2022 as the glorious day when Dylan – born at 27 weeks of gestation – finally came home after spending 63 days in Greenwich Hospital’s Level III-B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). “We were thrilled,” said Katz.

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March - April 2022

Where the beat goes on

Jill Ernst’s first cardiac episode occurred nine years ago during the birth of her triplets. Her physician advised the new mother to see a cardiologist. But Ernst attributed the heart issue to the stress of delivering three babies by cesarean section, so she decided to forego visiting the heart specialist.

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Where the beat goes on