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Infectious Diseases Antibiotic Program

The Infectious Diseases Antibiotic Program (IDAP) delivers intravenous medications in an outpatient setting to physician-referred ambulatory patients of all ages, including children. Most would otherwise be treated in the emergency room, admitted to the hospital, or treated in a short-term rehabilitation facility.

IDAP specialists treat a variety of conditions, including bacterial, fungal and viral infections, non-healing wounds, dehydration, arthritis, hypogammaglobulinemia, multiple sclerosis, deep venous emboli, hemochromatosis and polycythemia. We use the evidence-based practices of the Infusion Nurses Society, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and Greenwich Hospital.

Infusions are given in IDAP treatment rooms located on the first floor of the Helmsley Medical Building in the main hospital. Patients who require multiple doses daily wear a portable pump and return each day to IDAP for monitoring. In addition, therapeutic phlebotomies, therapies for multiple sclerosis, and other infusions are given on a scheduled basis in our IDAP office.

Patient Guidance

The IDAP nurse will secure insurance authorizations, educate patients and in-home caregivers, schedule appointments and tests, and be available on-call throughout the night.

IDAP is part of a continuum of care

Because patients may require other services in addition to IDAP, our staff works closely with a multidisciplinary team that includes experts in the fields of pharmacy, laboratory, respiratory, radiology, cardiology and physical therapy. This way patients can get the appropriate care they need quickly and conveniently.