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Infection Control and Prevention Program

Greenwich Hospital’s Infection Control and Prevention Program helps keep patients safe by preventing, identifying, and controlling infections that may be acquired in the hospital. Its primary goal is patient safety. Infection control specialists also provide disease prevention training and education to staff, visitors and patients, and in the community as well.

The director of the Infection Control and Prevention Program also chairs the hospital’s Infection Control Committee. This multidisciplinary team is made up of representatives from key clinical and nonclinical departments such as Medicine, Radiology, Nursing, Administration and Food Services. Its purpose is to provide guidance to healthcare workers, act to prevent infections and promote patient safety.

In-hospital Services

Greenwich Hospital’s Infection Control and Prevention Program plays a critical role throughout the hospital. The program trains and educates employees on a variety of topics such as hand hygiene and surgical infection prevention, and also offers post-exposure evaluation. In addition, infection preventionists work as consultants to the hospital’s Occupational Health Department to guide and plan annual influenza immunization clinics and other employee health programs.

Education, Training, Consultations

Our infection preventionists educate, train and consult with corporations, physician practices and other healthcare agencies (nursing homes, rehabilitation and long-term care facilities) on communicable disease prevention.

Community Activities

Greenwich Hospital’s infection control specialists are strong believers in community outreach. They participate in town health fairs and emergency preparedness activities, and can be found teaching children about disease prevention at the hospital’s Teddy Bear Clinic, and giving flu shots to older citizens at the annual Senior Health Fair.

Our Staff

The Infection Control and Prevention Program staff are experienced professionals with certification in Infection Control.

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