Physical Therapy

The Physical Medicine Department at Greenwich Hospital enhances and restores functional ability and quality of life to patients with an injury, impairment or disability. The department provides children's rehabilitation services for young people of all ages.

About Physical Medicine

Known for its high level of expertise, personal attention and quality of care, Greenwich Hospital’s Physical Medicine Department offers integrated care from a variety of specialties, dedicated to the recovery of the whole person. Patients are treated for a wide range of medical conditions resulting from injury, disease, surgery or congenital defect. Sports injuries, "overuse" injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis are among the problems most commonly treated.

Physical Medicine specialties include physical therapy, occupational therapy, physiatry, speech and language therapy. Therapy is also available for patients with lymphedema.

Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team includes a medical director and other specialized staff whose goal is to help people regain maximum mobility and independence, improving their overall quality of life.

The following services are offered to both inpatients and outpatients:

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy (PT) focuses on restoring mobility and function, and the prevention of further disability. PT addresses a variety of conditions and issues, including orthopedic and neurological conditions, sports injuries, arthritis, pain management, back pain, muscle retraining, balance, burn care and more. Casting and splinting services are also available.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) restores or maintains a patient's ability to perform tasks used in daily living. This is often done by modifying or adapting activities. OT helps people of all ages with physical, developmental, or emotional disabilities lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and language specializes in evaluating and treating patients with communication problems that result from disability, surgery, or developmental disorders. Both receptive (understanding) and expressive (speaking) communication problems are addressed. Services are also available for people with swallowing disorders due to stroke, brain injury, or other nervous system impairments.

Lymphedema Therapy

Helps to reduce swelling and other complications sometimes associated with mastectomy and chronic venous insufficiency. The program combines bandaging, drainage, and massage techniques to decrease swelling after surgery.

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Personal Guidance

Greenwich Hospital staff provides individualized attention to all patients. Patient support includes organizing tests, scheduling appointments and helping patients understand insurance benefits. The Physical Medicine staff works closely with patients and their families to set and attain realistic goals for optimal health and function.

Three Convenient Locations

Greenwich Hospital has two rehabilitation facilities, both equipped with comfortable treatment rooms and state-of-the-art equipment.


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