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Inpatient Surgical Care

We provide highly personalized and attentive care to plastic surgery patients in our 48-bed surgical inpatient unit. Patient rooms are comfortably furnished to accommodate overnight visitors if a family member wishes to remain with a patient. Each room has wireless Internet, telephone and TV service. Newspapers and magazines are also available for delivery.

Pain Management

Appropriate pain control helps patients recover faster with fewer risks of complications such as blood clots and pneumonia. If pain is well managed, patients are better able to engage in important activities such as walking and deep breathing exercises. Our healthcare team works closely with patients to prevent and relieve pain and discomfort.

Pain control options may include:

  • Pain relief medicines such as analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, local anesthetics or opioids
  • Relaxation techniques, including meditation, Healing Touch therapy, or listening to music
  • Physical therapies such as heat or cold therapy, massage and body alignment

Our team continually assesses surgical patients to ensure their comfort. Together, patients and staff set goals for acceptable pain levels. Staff ask patients to tell them when they feel uncomfortable and to rate their pain on a scale of 0 to 10. When necessary, the team will make changes to the pain management regimen.

Patients who experience chronic pain after discharge from the hospital are referred to the Greenwich Hospital Center for Pain Management for further treatment.

Healing Touch

This holistic, energy-based therapy complements patient care. Trained Healing Touch volunteers use soothing techniques to help patients relax and facilitate healing. This service can be arranged through staff on the inpatient surgical floor.

Spiritual Care

Hospital chaplains provide a spiritual presence in keeping with the beliefs or religious practices of patients and their families. Chaplains are available for counsel, prayer and support for those in need. The Spiritual Care Department will also assist in contacting clergy from the community. Call the department at 203-863-3146 or send an e-mail.

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