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Why You Should Care

Ideally, many different factors should be evaluated before selecting a hospital that’s right for you. What are its accreditations and certifications? Its range of services and patient outcomes?

These, plus patient satisfaction scores, research involvement, the technology it uses, and even location can give you a clearer picture of where you’d like to receive your care. The information included in these web pages offers a look at how Greenwich Hospital has met the standardized guidelines set by the government, and how we compare statewide and nationally.

How we work to improve your care

At Greenwich Hospital our Performance Management department exists solely to promote the quality and safety of the healthcare services we deliver. This department constantly scrutinizes our outcomes and the way we care for patients.

Each year Greenwich Hospital updates a comprehensive performance improvement plan involving the entire hospital from the top down. Ongoing quality improvement projects make sure we are taking care of patients effectively, safely and efficiently—while keeping our personal touch. Our Service Excellence Steering Committee each week reviews patient satisfaction surveys to respond quickly to patient comments and suggestions.

How we maintain a clean hospital

The Environmental Services Department keeps the hospital clean and fights infection through the use of “green,” or environmentally friendly, detergents and cleaning systems. These products and practices are used safely throughout the hospital to help protect the health of patients, visitors and staff.

Hospital housekeepers clean and sanitize horizontal and vertical surfaces in rooms on a daily basis, including waiting areas, and patient, staff, procedure, diagnostic and pathology rooms.

Some of our cleaning practices include:

  • a green wax stripper that safely removes wax buildup on floors without spreading harmful chemicals and noxious fumes
  • a microfiber mopping system that traps dirt and dust, uses less water, and is much easier to wield than traditional string mops. Less water in buckets helps reduce back and other physical injuries, too.
  • a vapor machine that kills germs that contribute to hospital-acquired infections
  • hydrogen peroxide disinfecting cleaners that kill bacteria and viruses in as little as 30 seconds, while quickly removing soap scum, grease and grime

The Environmental Services Department works closely with our partners in the Yale New Haven Health System to continue to review best and safest cleaning practices.