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Weight Management

The weight management services of the Center for Behavioral and Nutritional Health are designed to help individuals change their relationship with food, to slowly lose and keep off weight, and to enjoy a healthier quality of life. Our multidisciplinary healthcare team provides education and support to achieve optimal weight loss and healthy habits for a lifetime.

Prospective patients may choose one of multiple treatment approaches for weight management: (1) individual behavioral therapy with a clinical psychologist; (2) individual nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian; and/or (3) our comprehensive weight loss program.

Individual Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an effective treatment approach to overcoming obstacles to successful weight management. CBT increases self-awareness, helping to change a person’s thinking and behavior. Individuals learn to manage expectations, learn how to recover from lapses and decrease self-criticism. Shifting the way a person thinks aids in overcoming triggers to regaining weight. The individual works one-on-one with a psychologist to identify and address personal obstacles to successful weight loss and long-term maintenance.

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Individual Nutritional Counseling

A registered dietitian helps you identify a nutritional plan based on your needs. You learn about healthy caloric ranges, portion sizes, the nutritional value of foods and how to manage metabolism and blood sugar. Treatment begins with a personalized nutritional assessment. Subsequent sessions focus on modifying nutritional composition to improve weight loss and long-term maintenance.

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Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

This program incorporates scientifically supported strategies for weight loss and maintenance. The two core treatments are behavioral therapy and nutritional counseling, provided in group sessions.

Combining behavioral therapy and nutritional counseling in a supportive environment, individuals work together with a clinical psychologist, a registered dietitian and other program participants to identify personal values and goals, learn how to make better decisions, develop healthy coping skills and overcome barriers to change. Program participants who feel they would benefit from further individualized nutritional guidance or psychological support may choose to meet one-on-one with our clinicians while also participating in the group sessions.

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Many insurance plans cover behavioral therapy and nutritional counseling. While insurance plans vary, we help our patients determine the extent of their coverage. We also provide our service codes so participants can determine coverage and responsibilities (e.g. co-payments, deductibles). Greenwich Hospital will bill the managed care provider for all covered services.