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About Hospitalists

Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in the care of patients who are in the hospital. They are board-certified in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine and treat a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions. Learn more

Hospitalists and Your Doctor - Working Together for You

The hospitalist's unique focus on inpatient and acute care is designed to reduce medical complications, increase patient safety and speed recovery.

Unlike primary care doctors, hospitalists are based within the hospital and do not have an outside medical practice. Available 24 hours a day, these specialists are able to respond quickly to patient's medical needs and spend more time talking to the patient and family about the patient's care.

Hospitalists' in-hospital focus also keeps them current on the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances as well as hospital protocols and technology.

Hospitalists offer in-hospital care


  • Are available 24 hours a day to care for patients and answer any questions about their treatment plan.
  • Visit patients regularly and are a knowledgeable resource for patients, families and hospital staff.
  • Coordinate all aspects of patient care during hospitalization.
  • Schedule tests, prescribe medications and arrange for consultations with other specialists.
  • Are part of an interdisciplinary team who work with physical therapists, case managers, respiratory therapists, dietitians, nursing staff and other healthcare professionals to assure that the patient receives the expertise needed throughout their stay.
  • Respond to emergencies and quickly address a patient’s changing medical needs.
  • Offer consultations and evaluations for surgery, psychiatry, OB/GYN and the Emergency Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hospitalists work with my doctor?

Yes, we work together. Your primary care doctor asks the hospitalist to be in charge of your care while you are in the hospital. When you are admitted, we contact your physician to discuss your problems, needs and medical history.

Hospitalists keep in touch with your doctor during your hospitalization, and provide him or her with a summary report after your discharge. If a complicated situation arises, we may ask for your physician's participation in the decision-making process.

Why doesn't my doctor see me in the hospital?

Just as you may have a heart or lung specialist, your doctor has asked the Greenwich Hospital hospitalists to be your “hospitalist” specialist. Because hospitalists are in the hospital 24 hours a day, we can react quickly to test results or changes in your clinical situation, and can speak with you or your family members at any time.

What happens when I leave the hospital? 

Your personal physician will provide your follow-up care. We will provide your doctor with a full report of what happened while you were in the hospital, and help coordinate any specialty care you may require following discharge. If you do not have a primary care provider, we can refer you to one in the community.

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to ask the hospitalist who cares for you, or call (203) 863-3840.

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