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Limb Preservation Program

The Greenwich Hospital Limb Preservation Program is a multidisciplinary, collaborative program for treating individuals with non-healing, lower-extremity wounds: including critical limb ischemia, peripheral arterial disease, diabetic foot and ankle complications and other cardiovascular disease. 

Designed as a team-based approach, the Limb Preservation Program provides coordinated patient care with the ultimate goal of better outcomes to avoid limb loss.  Additionally, access to cutting-edge clinical trials for lower-extremity revascularization and unique therapies for advanced wound care are made available through Greenwich's affiliation with Yale New Haven Health.

Our team involves specialists in vascular medicine, vascular surgery, general surgery, interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, internal medicine and podiatry.  Our combined expertise enables high-risk patients to be diagnosed early and therefore facilitate timely treatment that is proven to preserve threatened limbs. 

Priority Access to Multi-Specialty Care

As a patient of the Limb Preservation Program, you receive priority access to multi-specialty care. Patients are able to undergo immediate non-invasive testing such as ankle-brachial index and lower extremity ultrasound studies during a visit. 

All patients are evaluated by a vascular provider, as well as a podiatrist, during the same initial visit. From cases affecting only one limb, to more complex situations involving patients with heart disease or stroke, our specialists consider “the whole patient” as a coordinated team.

Patient Referrals and Appointments

As part of the Greenwich Hospital Limb Preservation Program, patients will receive convenient coordinated care through access to our patient navigator at 203-321-6565.