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Patient Support

Whether you are having ambulatory or inpatient surgery, our  staff is available to assist you, answer questions and address any concerns that arise:

  • Before the day of surgery
  • The day of surgery
  • After discharge from the hospital

Knowing what to expect

As a surgery patient, you can expect your physician’s office to call the hospital and start the admissions process. Once this has been done, a preadmission nurse from the hospital will call you to arrange a phone interview.

During this preadmission interview, you will  receive information about what to expect, appropriate clothing, and which medications to take or discontinue before your surgery. Physician instructions, your  medical history and special concerns, such as any physical challenges or language barriers, will be discussed. The nurse will confirm that all preoperative testing has been completed (or has been scheduled) and ensure that the necessary paperwork is filed before admission.

The need for at-home, post-surgical care may be raised as well. In addition, you will also have an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster

Greenwich Hospital offers a 75-minute consultation with a certified registered nurse in this special program. Patients learn mind/body techniques that help them relax before surgery and visualize recovery. Patients also receive the book, "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster," and a guided visualization CD. For an appointment, call 203-863-3222. Fee.

Preparing for discharge

The case manager will recommend post-discharge treatment options based on the your insurance coverage. Case managers also assist you with discharge arrangements that may include transportation, support services, home care, medication management and rehabilitation referrals or placements.

To contact the surgery preadmission nurse, please call 203-863-3629.
To contact a case manager, please call: 203-863-3336 or e-mail [email protected]