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Planning for Surgery

We understand that surgery is stressful. Our preadmission program works with you and your family to ensure that admission and discharge go smoothly.


The preadmission nurse conducts preoperative interviews by telephone with all patients scheduled for surgery. During this call, the nurse will explain what is involved with the procedure, answering questions regarding preparation for surgery, what to expect during the hospital stay and how to prepare for returning home after surgery. The nurse will confirm that all the necessary preoperative tests have been done and conduct a complete review of your medical history. Any needs you may have, such as translation services or transportation, are discussed.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning for surgery patients begins before the procedure, with the preadmission interview. Recovery from surgery often requires specialized services to help patients and families manage the transition to independence and self-care. Individual considerations are discussed, including plans for rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Patients who are scheduled for ambulatory surgery, often called “same-day surgery,” receive discharge instructions during the preadmission phone interview. They will receive them again after they are admitted to the hospital.

Patients who stay longer will review discharge information with the care team during their hospital stay. An individualized plan will be developed, often in collaboration with physicians, nurses, case managers and others to address a variety of patient needs. These include transportation, support services, home care, medication management and rehabilitation referrals or placements.

A case manager works directly with you to review your insurance benefits. The case manager will also recommend post-discharge treatment options based on your insurance coverage.

To learn more about Discharge Procedures

To contact the surgery preadmission nurse, please call 203-863-3629.
To contact case management please call 203-863-3336 or e-mail [email protected].

Billing and Payment

Part of the discharge planning process includes helping you fully understand the billing process in order to plan for payment. Case managers work closely with you to clarify insurance benefits eligibility.

Please note: You may receive separate bills from providers other than the hospital. These may include physicians, such as the radiologist and anesthesiologist, and the laboratory.

Learn more about Billing and How to Pay Your Bill Online