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ICU and Inpatient Medicine


ICU TeamComposition

One PGY II or PGY III resident
Two PGY I residents and one to two students
One intensivist as teaching attending 
An additional PGY I resident from the Night Team attendings morning rounds to report overnight events and present overnight admissions

PGY I ICU Patient Load

Average:  2-4 patients
Cap:  5 patients

PGY II/III ICU Patient Load

Senior residents may, at their discretion, cover intern-level patient care responsibilities for patients when both interns have reached a "soft cap" of 4 patients (total ICU census cap of 10).

ICU Teaching Rounds

The ICU attending of record rounds daily
The Medical Director of the ICU, an intensivist, rounds four times a week alongside the ICU attending of record.
The Program Director rounds weekly alongside the ICU attending of record.
Pharmacy rounds daily with the ICU team.
POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound) Rounds: Wednesday

Inpatient Medicine (Hospitalist Patients Only)

Inpatient (Hospitalist) Team Composition

One PGY II or PGY III resident
One PGY I residents and one to two students
The teaching teams cap at 12 patients.
Residents spend equal time on rotation with each of three Hospitalist-led teaching teams: 
Two hospitalist-led teaching teams each have one academic hospitalist attending physician of record for all patients under the team’s care.
The third hospitalist-led teaching team has two attending physicians of record who share clinical and teaching responsibilities for patients under the team’s care.

PGY I Inpatient Patient Load

Average:  6-8 patients Cap:  8 patients during the week, on weekend the cap expands to 12.

PGY II/III Inpatient Patient Load

Average: 2-4 patients
Cap: 4 patients
Senior residents cover intern patient care duties for any additional patients once the intern has reached their 8 patient cap. Because the senior resident can follow up to 4 patients, the maximum team census when combined with the intern’s 8 patients leads to a total of 12 patients.

Teaching Rounds 

The Hospitalist attending(s) of record round daily
The Program Director co-rounds with the attending(s) of record one to two times weekly 
The Program Director and Associate Program Director serve as the attending of record of one of the academic hospitalist teams during their inpatient clinical service time.