Resident Wellness

Due to increasing burnout among physicians nationwide, Greenwich Hospital is invested in the wellness of all employees. 

Wellness Interventions and/or Wellness Promotion

Food: Greenwich Hospital provides daily cold breakfast (yogurt, fruit, milk, juice, coffee) and daily hot/cold lunch for residents. Daily lunches always include fresh salad greens, cooked vegetables, a protein, a healthy carbohydrate, and beverages. In addition, residents receive a monthly stipend for food allowances that can be used at the cafeteria or garden café. 

Exercise: Greenwich Hospital has deals with the local YMCA for fitness memberships. 
Sleep: In addition to 3 updated, private, clean call rooms to be used while in the hospital, Greenwich Hospital provides free housing to all categorical residents and subsidized housing to all preliminary interns. 

Wellness in Medicine Resident-Only Conference: Once a month, resident wellness forums are held in lieu of morning report and outpatient conference. These wellness rounds cover a wide range of topics including resilience, compassion fatigue, meditation, mindfulness, etc. 

Formal Events to Enhance Well Being: Greenwich Hospital has created a resident-led Resident Wellness Committee that plans formal events such as end of block parties, beach day, pumpkin picking, etc. based on resident interest. 

Financial Support for Resident Wellness: In addition to providing breakfast, lunch, and meal cards and subsidized/free housing for residents, Greenwich Hospital also provides 6 months of free access to the UWorld question bank to assist interns in preparing for Step 3. A dedicated annual budget of $5,000 is made available for resident-planned social gatherings. 

Res-Intern Week: Upon completion of the PGY-1 year, all new PGY-2 residents will spend one week side-by-side with senior residents to “learn the ropes” of becoming a senior resident. This helps avoid the inevitable anxiety associated with becoming the senior resident overnight. 

Resident-Created Call Schedule: Greenwich Hospital frequently obtains feedback from residents to adjust and improve the call schedules. This allows for greater resident flexibility of the schedule. PGY2’s and PGY3’s select call via a draft system. They choose weekends when they are on-call. A “black” weekend consists of a Saturday day call shift and a Sunday day call shift. A “grey” weekend consists of a Saturday overnight shift. PGY2’s average 6 “black” and 6 “grey” total weeks. PGY3’s average 4 “black” and 4 “grey” total weeks. 

Personal Health Self-Assessment

Wellness in Medicine forums encourage residents to assess their own emotional and physical well-being. This also allows residents to promote wellness and allow a format for understanding resources available to prevent and treat burnout. The program director meets with each resident semi-annually. In addition, the core faculty at Greenwich Hospital have an “open door” policy and allow residents to directly bring concerns to their attention. 

Prevention and Resources

Recognizing that work and life comes along with stressors and difficulties, Greenwich Hospital makes confidential, free resources available to residents through the EFR (Employee Family Resources):

  • Residents may access the EFR 24/7 by calling (877) 275-6226 or going to
  • Each intern is given a free one on one "wellness appointment" within their first few months here at Greenwich Hospital. During this confidential assessment, residents are given information on available resources which includes but is not limited to confidential free counseling and mental health care.
  • Other benefits of EFR include: work/life services (child care, parenting, family, and elder support), confidential counseling, legal and financial assistance, and online resources.

Additionally, residents are given pre-scheduled afternoons “off” for wellness purposes, in addition to their guaranteed 4 weeks of vacation and monthly average of 2 weekends off.