Outpatient Center

Modeled after a private practice. Administrative and nursing staff support teams of four or five residents.


Diverse case mix representing most minorities and socio-economic groups. All ages from adolescence to geriatrics.


Resident to faculty ratio of 4 to 1.

Continuity Clinic

One afternoon per week (except when on Tele/ICU, Night Float or vacation). Emphasis placed on preventive medicine, screening and continuity of care.


Daily curriculum-based conferences.

Ambulatory “Long Block” Rotations

Emphasis on ambulatory primary care. Rotations at a broad range of specialty clinics, private office, nursing home and home visits. The goal of the “long block” is to immerse residents in a more intensive outpatient experience, establish a strong continuity base and gain more understanding of ambulatory medicine.

Electronic Medical Records

Both outpatient and inpatient medical records are fully computer integrated through Epic.


Routine office procedures including arthrocenteses, trigger-point injections, pelvic examinations with wet preps are performed in the clinic.

Evaluation and Feedback

Observed clinical examinations, patient interviews, bedside interactions and chart notes are evaluated by faculty with continuous feedback.