Yearly Schedule

First Year

4 blocks ICU/Telemetry
4 blocks Floor
1 block OPD
2 blocks Elective*/Vacation*
2 blocks Night Team

Second Year

1 block ICU
1 block Telemetry
2 blocks OPD
5.5 blocks Elective*/Vacation*
1.5 block Night Team
2-2.5 blocks Floor

Third Year

1.5 blocks ICU
1.5 blocks Telemetry
2 blocks Floor
1 block Night Team
2 blocks OPD
5 blocks Elective*/Vacation*

1 block = 4 weeks

On-Call/Weekend Schedule


ICU/Telemetry: One Saturday overnight night month and two weekend day shifts per month.

Floors: One weekend night per month and two weekend day shifts per month.


An average of every eighth night for PGYII and every twelfth night for PGYIII residents. Sunday to Friday covered by the Night Team senior residents; remaining call and all weekend call by cross-covering senior residents.


Two- or four-week vacation blocks (total four weeks/year).

*Emergency Medicine

Four weeks of emergency medicine taken in two-week blocks from elective time any year (categorical only).

*Ambulatory “Long Block”

In the PGYII year, two elective blocks are taken in conjunction with two OPD blocks. In the PGYIII year, three elective blocks are taken in conjunction with the OPD blocks. 1.5 days of OPD clinic are required during the Long Block [elective(s)] and OPD blocks.

Sick Call

One to two residents and one intern at a time are designated as the “backup” or “sick call” resident during one to two of their elective blocks.